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Tropicalnight My version of Valentines Day with Futaba. Akira and Futaba make a promise. Futaba X Akira Rated: This is set after the defeat of the God Of Control, where Akira and Futaba spend valentines day together. Futaba X Akira Disclaimer: I don’t own Persona 5, or the Persona series. Nor do I own any characters. This is done for entertainment purposes only. The other identity of Joker, the ultimate trickster. The Joker who defeated Shadows, and conquered Palaces.

Futaba Sakura -Persona 5

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Apr 18,  · For Persona 5 on the PlayStation 4, a GameFAQs message board topic titled “People that romance Futaba are absolutely disgusting”.Operating System: PS4, PS3.

You could always use adblocker. So to basically explain what this Casting Call is for exactly. Why don’t I try animating the Persona 5 characters confessing or saying “Happy Valentine’s Day” to the viewers for Valentine’s Day in ! Sorta something like Fire Emblem. But to fully make this great, I’ll need voice actors for this! I wish I could find a way to give more, but I don’t exactly have a proper job.

I do my best to take commissions!! Though, if you’d like to donate to this, feel free to donate to my paypal! My email is [rainbow gmail.

Atlus Outlines ‘Persona 5’ DLC Offerings for April and May

Set in , Persona 3 begins with the protagonist returning to the city of Tatsumi Port Island ten years after his parents died from an accident. He is introduced as a transfer student that has just moved into the Iwatodai Dormitory , but arrives late in the movie adaptation, it is revealed it was due to a suicidal subway train jumper. A mysterious boy, calling himself Pharos , introduces himself to the protagonist and asks him to sign a contract that states the protagonist will accept full responsibility for his own actions.

He is quickly brought into SEES Special Extracurricular Execution Squad , a club at Gekkoukan High School which disguises itself as a completely normal after school club where nothing of supernatural significance happens, when his awareness of the Shadows and the Dark Hour is revealed.

Persona 5 is a really long game. It tackles so many real-world issues—high school, love, politics, art, workplace exploitation, sex, social anxiety—that it was bound to get some more right.

Seriously, who wants to be tied down? As long as two people are together, it’s okay, right? It’s best to be free, don’t you think? The Novel and Catherine: The Mysterious Tale of Rapunzel. Catherine is carefree and enigmatic.

Coffee, Code, and Chrysalis [Worm/Persona 5 Crossover]

Well, a certain patient of boy got good treatment for nurses, obviously sexual one. So our MC start to force and later rape them. Busty nurses being forced.

Jun 24,  · Aside from the main four heroines: Anne, Futaba, Makoto and Haru.I wonder if there are more ladies to woo and charm. In P3, there were a total of five or six (if you count Aigis) girls to ing System: PS3, PS4.

Before we begin, I just wanted to say that I chose to only officially date one girl in this game. Secondly, this is from the perspective of a girl who dates guys playing a guy that dates girls. My personal favorites are often different. In this game, I chose to date Ann by the flip of a coin, but it ultimately felt right , but my personal favorite was Futaba.

I tried to keep this mostly spoiler-free, but obviously there will be minor spoilers. Some social links were hard to talk about without spoilers at all, so I put those under highlightable spoiler tags.

List of Persona 5 Characters

Facing danger, Ren awakens his Persona, Arsene. At school, Ren learns that Kamoshida is abusive towards his students and Ryuji is blamed for causing the track team to break up. When the two return to the Palace, they meet Morgana and free him from a prison cell. The next day, Shiho jumps off the school rooftop as a result of Kamoshida’s abuse, and when Ren, Ryuji, and Yuuki Mishima confront him about this, he threatens to expel the three of them.

Futaba Sakura is one of the many Confidants (Social Links) you’ll be able to obtain in Persona 5. She represents the Hermit Arcana and is easily one of the best Confidants in the entire game.

Despite the huge success of its debut and ongoing popularity, Persona 5 hasn’t been given quite the same love by manufacturers that is has by its own fans. The game continues the franchise with the story of the Phantom Thieves, which the protagonist is part of. It’s already spawned a spin-off rhythm title that is in development now, which features almost the entire cast in various outfits, getting down to the game’s most popular songs and remixes.

Fan-created merchandise and zines continue to soar on places like redbubble and Etsy, but it’s taken just a bit longer for more official producers to get involved in the Phantom Thief hype, which, apparently, ends today. This past weekend at Wonder Festival, a massive Japanese toy show, a total of eleven new pieces of Persona 5 merchandise made their debuts, and all of them come in the form of figurines and statues.

Here’s a little more about the game, just in case for some reason you find yourself needing to catch up: Persona 5 is a game about the internal and external conflicts of a group of troubled high school students – the protagonist and a collection of compatriots he meets in the game’s story – who live dual lives as Phantom Thieves.

They have the typically ordinary day-to-day of a Tokyo high schooler – attending class, after school activities and part-time jobs. But they also undertake fantastical adventures by using otherworldly powers to enter the hearts of people. Their power comes from the Persona, the Jungian concept of the “self;” the game’s heroes realize that society forces people to wear masks to protect their inner vulnerabilities, and by literally ripping off their protective mask and confronting their inner selves do the heroes awaken their inner power, and use it to strive to help those in need.

Coffee, Code, and Chrysalis [Worm/Persona 5 Crossover]

Futaba Sakura was in middle school when her mother died. In a sudden state of emotional instability, Wakaba threw herself into traffic while her daughter watched from the sidewalk. An apparent suicide note confirming those suspicions accelerated an already rapid descent into depression. Futaba shut herself off from the world, ceased all but the most basic communication, and resigned herself to a life of solitude and isolation.

Futaba Sakura is a main character from Persona 5. She is different from the main crew of the Phantom Thieves because she is a shut-in who does not attend school and rarely, if ever, leaves her house. Futaba is a young, bespectacled girl with hip length black hair dyed bright orange with.

Report Story Izuku sighed as he got off the train station and was now in Yongen-Jaya. As this is where he’ll be living from now on. His mother had to get out of the country due to business and unfortunatly, that caused a problem with the dormatory part of UA. Earning complications as they had unfortunatly told him that without his mother being in the country, he couldn’t stay in the dorms. She works so hard to provide for us. A message from his mother telling him to be safe and an adress of an old friend of hers that agreed to let him stay with him.

Now where is this Leblanc place? This is where I’m gonna live from now till then. A small bell chine rang as he saw a man with a stroked beard. Name’s Sojirou Sakura, and I’ll be your care taker for a while.

Persona 5 Confidant Guide – Futaba, Makoto, Ann, Ryuji, Haru, and Yusuke

Butterflies are fuckhuge important to the setting as a symbol of transformation and rebirth, kind of to the tune of like having Izanagi or Jesus as your Persona. For all we know, Taylor is riding Philemon himself. You know, a part of me wonders just how many people here read that and actually understood that reference.

Persona 5 probably has the most in-depth romance system that the series has seen. If you enter a relationship with someone, you’ll be able to take them on dates and you’ll unlock multiple special.

Crimson Wings by Chiaki Yumi reviews What if she finds herself back in the beginning, with a new role ? However, Shadows are the least of her problems; encounters new and old, add in a sister-obsessed brother she never knew she had to the picture- how will she fare this time around? Persona Series – Rated: Lateral by afterados reviews Wishing to correct past mistakes, a blue-haired boy is sent to a world all too similar to his own. But armed with knowledge he can’t repeat, and a power no longer his own, what difference can he truly make?

Once the magister takes a romantic interest in her, Emma must rely on the guidance of his favorite pet: Dragon Age – Rated: As Orihime enjoys her new life with Ulquiorra, Karakura is beset by people with strange powers, capable of taking on the Shinigami. Ukitake The Cooper Adventures:

Persona 5 The Animation Airs In 2018 In Japan

Surprisingly, you can still change her equipment and accessories. Her abilities are exceptional in exploring palaces and mementos as well as battles against shadows. Once you have her confidant unlocked, get her confidant rank at least up to Rank 4 to gain access to Position Hack, which can allow you to start the battle with the enemies in a Hold Up which can be followed up by an all-out attack or negotiation.

Each Phantom Thief wears different-colored gloves in their costumed alter-egos except for Mona who does not wear any that correspond to the elements or roles their Personas represent – Joker’s gloves are red curse , Skull’s are yellow electricity , Panther’s are pink fire , Fox’s are blue ice , Queen’s are silver nuclear , Oracle’s are green rear support , Noir’s are purple psy , and Crow’s are white bless. The background of their SMS portraits is also color-coded. Their colors match their gloves’ except for Makoto, who is dark blue instead of silver.

While no party from any Persona game had any troubles ganging up on an opponent, the Phantom Thieves take it a step further. They might negotiate with Shadows to get them on their side or maybe just to extort some money or items from them, they have no troubles using guns and meele weapons in tandem, and whenever they fight a major foe, they usually use special operations in order to weaken them to make the fight easier on them. Carmen wears high heels, matching the rest of her fancy attire. They’re not just for show:

Persona 5 confidant gift guide – which gifts to get to impress

Risking our lives to stop rotten adults Persona 5 Preview No Spoilers Set in modern day Tokyo, the Phantom Thieves of Hearts is the recent urban legend going around this cosmopolitan. It is said that a calling card will be sent to accused adults harbouring a diabolical secret. Thereafter, a change of heart will occur with the target admitting to their mistakes in remorse. This popular vigilante group slowly rose to fame but their identities are always kept a secret. Little did everyone know that these Thieves of Hearts live their daily lives as students.

As they work on stealing the hearts of these adults, they’ve yet to realise just how big of a plot they threw themselves in and just how dangerous this mysterious group can be.

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