Danny O’Donoghue denies Bo Bruce was ever his girlfriend

Remember the chemistry between them back in , in the first series of the BBC1 talent show, when doe-eyed Bo endeared herself to so many of us with her distinctive voice and the sad discovery her mother Ros was dying of pancreatic cancer? But she said nothing — until now. After the live shows — before Mum died — we hung out once or twice and we snogged. We were both going through stuff. I wanted to be sick, because it was killing me. So I sent him a text. I was traumatised but longing to do brilliantly.

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I bet you weren’t thinking this would be updated, but here we are. I hope you like it. How is it wrong? I told him after your date with Assault and Battery. He said he would go on the date. He was just intimidated since Ned ate his silverware.

Danny O’Donoghue, coach on The Voice, has denied he had a relationship with contestant Bo Bruce, or that she was his girlfriend.

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Bo Bruce confirms fling with The Voice judge Danny O’Donoghue Singer songwriter Bo Bruce has finally spoken out about her relationship with Irish musician Danny O’Donoghue.

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Bo Bruce is no longer on speaking terms with her mentor from BBC1’s The Voice Danny O’Donoghue after she claims that he left her humiliated and heart broken.

He was seeing me. He saw me, Daniel Anderson Marshal, man. He loves makeup, hair, accessories, and of course, his passion, which is acting in theatre. And I loved him to pieces. The story was told in his fun pov. He may look quite “feminine” on ocassion, but he is still very much a man. His biggest dream is to be a big star on broadway, which is why he doesn’t mind being the centre of attention. Danny is confident, flamboyant, selfish, sarcastic, a drama queen but also such a great friend.

His carefree life is turn upside down when he meets a jock, Lance Lenard at a frat party. Lance will not stop staring at him, and after the first words that come out of his mouth are insulting, Danny hopes to never see him again. Yet, he still can’t shake off the weird feeling his stare caused. Lance soon pursues him in hopes to apologize and become friends.

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Bo doesn’t – do plastic surgery, that is. Oh, and while we’re at it, she doesn’t do Botox or collagen, either. There are times, she says, she’s tempted to – days she sees a photograph of herself and ‘gets scared’.

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Aug 23,  · Danny O’Donoghue from The Script talks about what type of relationship he has with The Voice star Bo Bruce. Report by Max Akhtar.

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Caitlin McBride Twitter Email Danny O’Donoghue has finally confirmed his relationship – after three years together. The Script frontman (38) has been quietly dating Brazilian model Anne Anne De.

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k Followers, 27 Following, Posts – See Instagram photos and videos from Danny O’Donoghue (@danny_thescript).

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Is Danny Dating Bo The Ranch was looking to cast a recurring waitress who befriends Beau,. Danny ODonoghue admits he is dating following the recent break-up with his model girlfriend Irma Mali. But The Script star reiterates that no.

While Bo and Danny worked together on the single Alive, from Bo’s album Before I Go To Sleep, the source claims that aside from writing the track together, Danny refused to have anything else to.

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