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Etymology[ edit ] The word, brand, derives from its original and current meaning as a firebrand, a burning piece of wood. That word comes from the Old High German , brinnan and Old English byrnan, biernan, and brinnan via Middle English as birnan and brond. Later the firebrands were replaced with branding irons. Through that association, the term eventually acquired its current meaning. History[ edit ] In pre-literate society, the distinctive shape of amphorae provided potential consumers with information about goods and quality. Amphorae for wine and oil, Archaeological Museum, Dion. Branding and labelling have an ancient history. Branding probably began with the practice of branding livestock in order to deter theft. Images of the branding of cattle occur in ancient Egyptian tombs dating to around 2, BCE. Branding was adapted by farmers, potters and traders for use on other types of goods such as pottery and ceramics.

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Matthew Hoare, 21, from Shalmsford Street, Chartham, died when a tyre he was changing exploded — throwing him more than 30 feet. Today, Watling Tyres was finally brought to justice after admitting two breaches of health and safety regulations for the tragic incident on January 27, Earlier the judge heard how Matthew was a loving and much-loved son and brother and the family’s grief “was still immense”. Watling Tyres is under new ownership Judge Williams said his family had every right to expect his company to protect him and keep him safe at work.

Canterbury Crown Court had heard that Mr Hoare was not properly trained before repairing a puncture on a Dresser loading shovel at Hammill Brickworks in Sandwich. Prosecutor Quentin Hunt said:

Motorcycle tires do way more than a car tire can. It has to grip while leaned over and it flexes from more directions. And if it fails, you only have one other tire to catch you, unlike a car that has three other tires to prevent you from falling.

Click to playTap to play The video will start in 8Cancel Play now Get Daily updates directly to your inbox Subscribe Thank you for subscribingSee our privacy notice Could not subscribe, try again laterInvalid Email A motorcyclist died after falling from his bike and into the path of an oncoming Land Rover, an inquest has heard. David Lawrence, 53, was travelling between Tregony and Veryan on December 3, , when he lost control of his bike. Witness Paul Hocking was driving along the same road at about 5.

Travelling between 30mph and 35mph at the time, Cormac worker Mr Hocking said: Read More “The driver hit us on one side of the Land Rover. All this happened in seconds.

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Have no idea why it is a 51 plate The Not so goods: It handles very well and does not affect the handling. Overall this is a great entry level Ariel that looks amazing. Really depends on how fussy you are. I will accept PayPal for a deposit, the balance can be paid by personal check when it clears , cashiers check when it clears and of course cash If you would like more photos I can provide them.

That’s your motorcycle tyre sizes and profiles explained. I hope this has armed you with a little more knowledge on the differences in motorcycle tyres so you can now more confidently make the decision on what type of tyre you want to go for next.

Motorcycle tyres have a round cross section to facilitate the leaning necessary when a motorcycle turns. They took me to this lake on a motorcycle my first ride on a bike! They’re both muscians and their band was actually very popular in Asia, as they’ve performed concerts in Hong Kong and Singapore and other places. Anyway, Bivek was my knight in shining armor! I had come down with a terrible illness when I was in Nepal. German my best friend and I had split up in Kathmandu so he can go hiking.

I had wanted to see Pokhara and Mt. Everest, so I decided to go there.


We are a reliable development partner in the original equipment market and are proud that Mitas motorcycle tyres are endorsed by a number of motorcycle athletes from various disciplines. All of our tyres are manufactured under the Mitas brand in our two production facilities in Slovenia and the Czech Republic under rigorous quality standards. The experience, knowledge and innovation that both European rubber producers possess provide the basis for further development and the revitalisation of the entire sales programme.

However, the ultimate test comes from you. Your trust in our products is a principle we are determined to adhere to in the future. Our tyres are made with care to allow you enjoy your ultimate motorcycling adventure.

Find out all about Michelin POWER RS tyres information, characteristics, reviews, Tested & Approved By Pros · Ultimate Riding Pleasure · Proven Longevity · Outstanding Performance.

Thursday, 3 April Motorcycle Touring in Morocco. Would I recommend it? I personally hadn’t read of many people riding there, so I was a little sceptical and definitely lacking in knowledge about the country. Having just returned from a nine-day trip there, I am pleased to say it was one of my favourite places in the world that I have ever ridden in. The scenery, roads, culture and people are all wonderful. The country is amazingly diverse, from lush green farmland to spectacular mountains and dry arid desert.

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Show more Show less Gumtree Alerts Get a daily email with the latest ads in your areas of interest. Free and easy to cancel. Hondas very first four cylinder 6 speed ever manufactured. Neatly restored in from frame up. Motor and gearbox in excellent condition. Rust free fuel tank as the bikes been indoors most of its life.

Proper maintenance and repair could keep them in good condition, and it’s going to China’s B2B Impact Award · SGS Audited Suppliers · Quality China Products · Leading B2B Portal68,+ followers on Twitter.

Other often asked questions: The Seat or Hump? All Hayabusa’s purchased new from a dealer comes with the ‘hump’, rear seat pad and grab rail. The hump and seat can be swapped over with the key however the grab rail is secured with screws. You cannot have the ‘hump’ and grab rail attached at the same time without modification. Naturally, the rear seat and the grab rail fits perfectly!

What is a Motorcycle Steering Damper: All Hayabusa’s have them fitted as standard. It’s hidden at the top of the forks behind the instrument panel. Simply Well its like a shock absorber for the bars but it is to prevent side to side bar wobbles or tank slappers in most conditions when the front goes light. It too needs maintenance usually requiring an oil change every so often.

It is difficult to identify a particular model’s specification until you have determined the following: Actual Build Date or Month.

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Do tyres have a shelf life? Since the s, tyres have had a date stamp added to the sidewalls so that you can see how old they are. During the 80s it was a 3 digit code giving the week number and year of manufacture. So would equal week 21 in When we got to the 90s and in order to differentiate, they added a triangle to the 3 digits, so followed by a triangle would represent week 21 in It became much easier to remember from the year when a four digit code was used, so would represent week 21 in

The next time you buy tires from TireBuyer, make sure you keep your confirmation email. Then you’ll always know how old your tires are without having to check out your sidewalls — and you’ll be ready in case you ever need to make a warranty claim.

With an inventory of British Motorcycles as large as ours the displays in the five halls that make up the National Motorcycle Museum and constantly evolving and changing. On the special exhibits page you will find the latest news on our latest, temporary, exhibits. However our mainly alphabetical listings are designed to whet your appetite as regards just how special a place The National Motorcycle Museum really is. The team exists to showcase some of the museum’s competition inventory as it was originally intended to be used – back on track!

For full details and some great video footage see the main Team National Motorcycle Museum page. Close Latest Acquisitions During any given year any number of new machines will go on display within the five large halls that make up the National Motorcycle Museum. On this page you will find regular updates about which machines have just come into the collection.

Our friendly and knowledgeable staff are here to make your visit informative as well as enjoyable.

Motorcycle Tire Buyer’s Guide