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Hookup is a pretty cool new sling attachment point from a company called Mission Adapted Design. Instead of removing the End Plate and replacing it with a new Sling Attachment End Plate the Hookup actually clamps right onto the buffer tube in between the castle nut and the butt-stock. The Mod-Free design is important for one reason. Many of us take for granted that we have the right and ability to totally customize our own rifles to make them work and feel however suits us. However, most Law Enforcement Officers are restricted by their departments as to what, if any, modificati0nns they can make to their duty weapons. If they wanted to add a rear sling attachment option to their duty rifle this is one of very few ways it can be done. The only thing I would like to see in say a Gen 2 version would be QD attachment compatibility as well.

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Commuter bag By Rob D. I rated it 4 stars for a couple reasons. Reason 1- Velcro on the outside. I had to take it off because anything with Velcro is usually a tell tale sign that its “tactical”.

The Mack’s Sling Blade Dodger is a slim, cupped, and tapered dodger that creates great action at faster speeds with less resistance. The Sling Blade even stops dodging when you have a fish on, allowing you to feel the fish fighting on your line instead of your lure.

I’ve been through a lot of slings over the years as evidenced by those featured here on this page , and finally ditched all of them in favour of my home-made strap when using a rig as there was no sling to get in the way. Maybe part of the problem is that there are many slings out there to meet different needs, but my particular needs as a civilian shooter are pretty basic. Nothing high speed, no life-or-death situations.

Just plinking on a range or going through drills. So for the most part, I’ve turned down most sling reviews that have come my way, simply because I didn’t think they were different enough from what I already had on the site, or I wasn’t going to use them in the way intended so I wouldn’t be able to write much of a review.

However, the introduction of the VCAS caused quite a buzz in the shooting circles, partly due to Larry’s respected reputation, and the common knowledge that BlueForceGear offers quality and innovative sling systems. I felt that it was different enough from other 2-point slings that it merited examination. None of the 2-pt slings I’d used had quick-adjust capability. Larry explains his reasons for a 2-pt sling here on his website.


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Joe was not only an excellent luthier, he was a brilliantly creative, funny, considerate, and generous person. He was also perhaps my very best friend in this life. He will be profoundly missed by those who loved him. I remember Joe Despagni being in my life as long as I can remember remembering. We lived a block away from each other and it seems like we were always in each other life. All the kids that grew up on my street were relatively well behaved, never got into trouble, never really did things we were not supposed to do, played sports, Monopoly, Risk, listened to music, etc.

We were basically very simple. But two streets over was a completely different group of kids. I split my time between the two groups and fit in well but was still a bit of a misfit in both groups. Joe was absolutely part of the greaser group and though he and I spent the most time together on our own, we would also hang out with our rocker friends and do things with them that greasy golden memories were made of.

Joe had a brother Rob and a sister Carmela. They were younger, and I really liked them. We were like family in a way.

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We make both our single and two point slings, elastic and all webbing, with the MASH hook. Close up of the MASH hook. This will fit most stock and aftermarket sling attachment points. To open the MASH hook, push the two middle pieces together. The fingers will open, allowing connecting to rifle mount. Each finger will have to roll over the mount to secure.

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Simply use SlingPlayer and send live TV to the big screen. Now you can enjoy all your programming at home in up to p HD on a second TV in your house, the vacation getaway, college dorm room, or wherever you have a Roku streamer connected. Click here for the Roku FAQ. Setup instructions for Roku streamers Step 1: Follow the prompts to install the free SlingPlayer channel. Make sure your iPhone or Android phone and Roku are on the same wireless network.

Launch SlingPlayer and start watching something on your phone, then touch the Roku streaming icon. Select your Roku and start watching your programming on the big screen. To switch back to your phone, simply touch the Phone button and continue watching on your iOS or Android device. Now you can enjoy your programming in crystal-clear HD on a TV in your ski condo, beach house, college dorm room, or wherever you have an Apple TV connected.


WordPress Answers Best Answer: The Slingbox cannot wirelessly connect to your home network by itself. However, you can connect the Slingbox to an existing wireless network and use your wireless laptop around the house. There are a couple of ways to connect the Slingbox to a wireless network: Use wall plug bridges, which use your existing in-home electrical outlets to connect devices to a network.

These wall-plug devices also known as HomePlug or Powerline bridges are easy to set up and use with the Slingbox.

The ASP-V will work with any weapon set up fomr single-point sling use, including shotguns. I found the ASP-V simple to use and adjust. As mentioned above, shortening or lengthening the strap takes but a second, and with practice, is almost second nature. (either for the snap hook or a sling loop). It works with both my GG&G and Daniel.

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