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His Daddy had just got done making the shine for the day and was looking to relax a little when suddenly Dave’s Mom gave out a wild yell from the kitchen and there on the floor lay a baby Dave. See, Dave’s Mom didn’t know she was pregnant – she thought she had just eaten some bad wild boar a few months before and was still suffering the consequences. Dave had a fairly normal childhood for a mountain boy. He spent his days swimming in creeks, skipping rocks, and scamming the tourists by selling them fake Indian moccasins that his Nana made. When Dave was 16 the family got their first radio and it became his first real love. When Dave was 18 he announced to his family that he had gotten into the college of his choice – The University of North Carolina at Greensboro. His family immediately disowned him and said they didn’t have any place for fancy learnin’ boys in the family. So Dave bravely hitchhiked down the mountain and all the way to Greensboro where he started his College career.

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Healthy 22 – 45 year old patients with untreated Obstructive Sleep Apnoea The Sleep Research Laboratory at University of Melbourne and the Institute for Breathing and Sleep at Austin Health are recruiting obstructive sleep apnoea patients, years old, for a study on memory and mood. Participation involves a 1. In essence, it is the responsibility of supervisors to provide induction and training for all research trainees. This should cover research ethics, occupational health and safety, environmental protection, as well as technical matters specific to their discipline.

The trainees should also be referred to the Research Dedicated EGP Clinical Support Nurse team and Coordinator Two – six month clinical rotations one acute or specialty guaranteed Comprehensive Orientation Program Dedicated supernumerary days for each rotation Paid study days Ward-based educators and preceptors Certificate of completion Opportunity to apply for permanent positions following graduate year Access to a large range of educational programs and

Stream Lex and Terry Morning Show free online. Lex & Terry, a nationally syndicated morning radio program, delivers a unique blend of lifestyle advice, humor and on-air community to men

Print Article AA Michael Lile stood patiently outside the gate of the grand prix racetrack inside the Malibu SpeedZone in North Dallas, intently watching pint-sized cars wheel around the track in their fervid race to post the fastest time on the house clock. Behind him, a sparse crowd fueled by Miller High Life roamed the sprawling grounds, which consist of a “slick” go-cart track and a drag strip where imitation race cars send speed junkies screaming down a yard track at 70 mph for 15 bucks a pop.

Lile is an avid Lex and Terry fan. The slender, year-old U. Lile says he had been meaning to check out the SpeedZone, but when he heard that Lex and Terry were going to be there to pimp their show and Q , he jumped at the chance to meet his favorite DJs. The promotional appearance is one of several the duo have made since May, when they brought their show to Dallas from Jacksonville, Florida, where they dominate the morning airwaves and have become local celebrities.

Lile’s opportunity arrives when Staley throws his race car into park, pulls his considerable weight out of the car’s tiny confines, and lumbers off the track. Jaymes follows behind, his 6-foot inch frame towering above the crowd of low-budget thrill seekers. Lile’s eyes bulge with excitement as he extends his hand and tells Staley that he loves his show–especially when they call up numbers and play sound bites from Wayne’s World. The best, Lile says, was when Wayne’s voice said “a sphincter says what,” and they tricked a woman into saying “what” four times.

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In , Scott Maxwell of the Orlando Sentinel described Lex and Terry as ” testosterone -ladened humor that’s often sexual in nature, often crude and sometimes demeaning to women. But, unlike many hosts, they don’t seem to take themselves too seriously. They’re pretty laid back.

Lex and Terry, as well as Dee and a few other team members (they’ve changed over the years), talk about anything and everything. The sex, dating, and relationship conversations were .

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Staley had met Jaymes in California earlier and promised if he was ever in charge of a radio station again Jaymes would be his first and only choice to host mornings. Staley was the Executive Producer for the weekly syndicated show hosted by Redbeard called In the Studio. One of Rock Radio’s most successful syndicated programs. His interaction with WFYV’s new morning duo was unlike anything the city had ever experienced.

Lex & Terry, Arlington, TX. 21, likes · 16 talking about this. The Official Home of the Lex & Terry Radio Network.

It turns off every 3 min! Then after pressing play few times it just stops working. That one always played. I’ve missed the last year of the show because this app doesn’t work. Please fix this, so I can have the morning show back in my life. I live in Massachusetts so it’s not on the radio here.

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Share 0 A remarkable archaeological discovery in a Co. Clare cave has pushed back the date of human existence in Ireland by 2, years. Radiocarbon dating of a butchered brown bear bone, which has been stored in a cardboard box at the National Museum of Ireland for almost years, has established that humans were on the island of Ireland some 12, years ago — 2, earlier than previously believed.

Since the s, the oldest evidence of human occupation on the island of Ireland has been at Mount Sandel in Co. This site has been dated at 8, BC, which is in the Mesolithic period, indicating that humans had occupied the island for some 10, years. However, new analysis of the bear patella — or knee bone — originally found in Co.

Google Play App. App Store App. Search. Search. Search. About. Lex and Terry® is a Nationally syndicated morning radio program hosted by Lex Staley, Terry Jaymes, Dee Reed, Ian Gleason and Sarah B. Morgan. Join this well-known edgy crew. Nothing is sacred. Call us on Footer.

By forcing me to decide upon The woman that I idolize Or the hands of an automaton. Without these hands, I can’t complete The opera that was captivating her! But if I keep them, and she marries him, Then he probably won’t want me dating her It could be a valuable treasure, personal knowledge about his unknown past, a chance to avenge an old wrong, or maybe the very thing needed to finally get off the island and negate Failure Is the Only Option. But at the same time, a friend or ally who has helped him is lying unconscious on the floor, about to be crushed by a collapsing ceiling, eaten by monsters, or murdered by the Big Bad and his minions.

Of course, a true hero will choose to save his friend over taking the treasure every single time. Besides, it wouldn’t be wise to resolve a whole major ongoing plotline right in the middle of the season, now would it? Or to lose any of the regulars, either. It’s very rare that the hero manages to Take a Third Option and do both; that’s usually reserved for a Grand Finale or situations where a villain forces a hero to make a Sadistic Choice.

Whether villains know this and deliberately set up such situations to prevent their own capture or to ensure that they can get the heroes later is left as an exercise to the reader.

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Ric Flair and Sgt. Rob Parker about Sid’s match later in the night against Sting; included backstage footage of how Vader and Cactus were preparing for their match later in the show: Rob Parker with a roll up at Cactus pinned Vader on the ramp with a clothesline at 5: Cactus pinned Vader with an elbowsmash from the ramp to the floor at 6:

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Adelaide’s “In Daily” reported that, together with host Todd McKenney, a show that was entertaining, amusing and moving was produced. Acclaimed as one of Australia’s most recognisable “Big” icons, it shares the spotlight with a handful of other famous big statues such as the Big Merino at Goulburn and the Big Banana at Coffs Harbour. It is a major tourism centre and attraction now with a wax museum, a cricket museum, a busy cafe and country music souvenir merchandise.

Importantly, it is one of the attractions that provides Tamworth with a year round country music presence. Max and Warwick are pictured acknowledging the 30th anniversary of the Big Golden Guitar. Brad trumped fellow finalists

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